Office OTG


Office on the Go – your own office, anytime and anywhere and everywhere!

At the press of a button book yourself a seat at a comfortable café or restaurant nearby. No obligation to order anything in order for you to sit there. Avail the wifi and the comforts of a safe and secure environment to work out of.

Book a Venue in 3 Easy Steps

Need to Work on the go select Office On The Go

Search Venue

Search for the best suited venue as per your requirement in your Location.

Choose Timeslot

Hold the spot for you and your colleagues for the time you require may it be half an hour or the entire day the venue will swiftly update and show you the availability

Book the Venue

One click booking of the venue with multiple payment options.

Our Best Propositions for You!

Have you walked into a café to work out of but then felt the obligation to order excess F&B simply because you wanted to sit there and work? If yes then Office on the Go is for you. Comfortable ….Well priced ….Wifi Access …. Convenient – your office at the press of a button

Awesome Features

Hourly Booking Slots

Convenient hourly booking slots. Pay as you go along.

Special F&B Deals

Access to special combo deals of food and beverage specifically for OOTG Customers

Convenient Locations

Options available within a 5 km radius so you can get there easily.

Ideal for Sales Folks & People on the Go

The ideal choice for professionals who spend time on the road and have meetings in different parts of town.

Wifi and Comfortable Environment

Access to wifi and a comfortable environment to work out of. No obligation to order any F&B

Special Price Points for Corporates

Companies that are enrolled with









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